The Return of Jesus Christ

Chapter 1:
The Return of Jesus Christ

If I were to tell you that Jesus will be back on a certain date, what would you say? Well, you’d probably say “no one can know the date”, right? And I would say where did you get that from? And you would probably say Matthew 24:36, right? Where Jesus said only my father in heaven knows the date, no not even the angels, right? So far so good and I agree with 24:36 a very correct statement but you said, no one can know the date, right? Jesus never said “no one could know“, He said only His father knew. You then need to show me the verse in the bible where it says that no one can know! Can’t do that can you as there is no verse in the Bible that says you can’t know.

What you are telling me then is that you are taking something that Jesus said and twisting it to something you have heard others say or taking it out of context, right? It’s been taken out of context for 2000 years! What Jesus said when He was talking to the disciples was that His father “only” knew the date and no one else knew the date “then”, right? This statement by Jesus was made about 2000 years ago, was that prior to The Old Testament? No! Was that prior to the New Testament? Yes! Did Jesus in His earthly form author the Old Testament? No! Did Jesus ever say, I only know what the father gives to me? Yes! If Jesus knew everything He would have known the date, right? If I wanted to know what the father authored prior to Jesus where would I look? I would look at The Old Testament.

And where in the (OT) would I look? Well, I would start with the only chapter in the bible (OT) Daniel 12, this was written 500 years prior to Jesus and authored by God the father, Daniel 12:4 & 9 seal the words till “the time of the end”. Do I now have your attention? Why are words or days not listed in Daniel 12 vs. 4 & 9, and also empty in vs. 7-8 where it says times, time, and½ a time? However, spelled out in 11 and 12, and spelled out in Revelation 11 :3 & 9. The Lord is telling you there is more that will be unsealed at “the time of the end”. There had to be a reason for the days and somewhere there had to be a starting point! . Wouldn’t you agree? There is a starting point and that is part of what this book is all about. Daniel chapter 12 is God’s last 7-year sealed time clock.

Now, if you can’t possibly figure it out and many have tried, even the most learned Theologians have been unable to unseal chapter 12 of Daniel and what the Lord wants the Christians to know prior to His return. Everything unsealed and printed in this book is backed by God the father’s perfect and completion number 7 and to my amazement how He covered America and the timing of His return is almost as awesome as the prophecy itself. He said to seal the words till “the time of the end”, He did not say seal the words ‘forever”.

The good in this prophecy is God the father set the date of Jesus’ return 2500 years ago and the bad is that Babylon, (America), Babylon (NYC), that great city falls by way of judgment for taking fornication/abortion to the nations this wilI happen in the middle of the last 7 years and America is out of business by the time of the rapture 3.5 years later, in fact, the fall is one of the reasons for the rapture. Babylon America, Babylon that great city is the one taken out of the way at times, time, and ½ a time or 3 .S years into the 7-year tribulation and then the man of sin is revealed 2 Thessalonians 2:7-8. America wins this war but ultimately loses the battle. Much more in the book! And the reason for the fall of America? Well, you can read it yourself in Revelation 14:8. That great city falls in judgment due to taking FORNICATION to the world which also leads to ABORTION!

He placed the path to the date of Christ’s return only to be opened at “the time of the end.” Had the date of His return been known it would have stymied daily salvation. Jesus did not know in His humanity nor was He made aware of the date of His return. God the father knew the Matthew 24:36 verse, only the father knows … would be carried on to all as “no one could know the time of His arrival”. Thus setting up daily salvation. This was not a lie in any way but was taken out of context and truthfully speaking until Daniel 12 was unsealed was a true statement that only His father knew.

I have waited for many years to get this message out and am ever so humbled to bring this to you.

God the father knew that Matthew 24:36 would be taken out of context and it would eventually be stated to the public “that you could never know the day of his arrival. If this had not happened there would possibly be no immediate daily salvation. He always knew the date of His return and it was always in the bible to come forth at “the time of the end.” By burying the date of return He turned salvation into a daily recommended requirement. If you die without salvation you are lost. People have a tendency to put off salvation wanting to postpone it and if the Lord could come back at any time you would have a tendency to seek salvation sooner than later. But the devil never quits! What a mighty awesome God we serve. God is so awesome in His mercy that no one should be left behind!

Now the advent of knowing the date of His return, brings up another problem, “those not saved” prior to the last 7 years “now knowing” the date of Christ’s return may again want to wait till the last minute, “but wait”, you now know the date of His return and if you are called and don’t respond to Gods call you may be in serious trouble as this might be your last call, 2 Thessalonians 2:10 & 11 states, that you may be sent a strong delusion that you will believe the lie, what lie? The devil lies, there is no God, no salvation! You now know this so if you were not saved prior to the last 7 years, “now is the time for salvation” you dare not wait. A calling during this last 7-year period may be Your last calling with the possibility of being sent a strong delusion to believe the lie 1f you don’t answer the call. There will be no more callings.

If you will go to Chapter 12 of Daniel you will see 3 mentions of “days and also times, time and a ½ a time”. You will also find time “in days” in Revelation 11. As opposed to what all have been saying for 2000 years “there is” timing in the bible and there is reasoning in this timing, “God the father” knew that in his “humanity” He would not know when He would return, thus He gave to Jesus only what He wanted Him to have, thus salvation “is for the present, not tomorrow” as “Jesus could return at any time”. Also, the covering of America for the very reason that if He didn’t cover America (America is the timing to the rapture and is found through the timing) everyone through the Ages would know when the end would come which also includes the day of His arrival. You will see this as you read this information verified through the bible and connect it with “His proof’ of authorship.

God the father knew that no one would believe this or other writings if He did not place “proof’ this was His work and not mine. The message and proof of this is beyond our capability, want or need to do! Only He could accomplish this. See the Matrix, the Time Clock, and the Incredible Sevens in the book for Proof of His authorship and not mine!

Every Christian knows that Jesus is coming to claim His own but is not aware of the actual date. 18 years ago when I started a search for America, I did not search for the timing of the rapture, only America, as I like everyone else just figured you could not know the exact date of His return. I looked at America in this way, my God would not author a bible for all of humanity without including the greatest gospel-preaching nation on earth, “how about yours”?

An acquaintance of mine found the first mention of America in the book of Daniel 7:4 Independence Day. I have found 5 more prophecies or different writings about America since and they lead to a very unpleasant end-time picture for America but a great future for the holy people, the Christians. Not only did I find America and the start date of WWI I I and the reason for that war but also the date of the rapture!

Revelation 14 :6-13 is an inline schedule of events as noted by Angels 1, 2, and 3 Judgment has come, Babylon (America), Babylon (New York City) that great city has fallen, do not worship the beast! At first glance, this is just a bunch of words but in the “timing” and wording it’s proven to be (NYC) and happening prior to the reign of the anti-Christ. There is no other great city that would equal (NYC). Our God is warning the Christians of this event, even giving us the date and time this will happen, and the starting date of WWI 11 and the participants.

I had been wrestling with (NYC) for a number of years and on January 22, 2019 (NYC) passed the first abortion-to-birth bill and I knew instantly why it was (NYC). There is no way around it. WWI 11 will start with the destruction of (NYC) on a given day, which is July 5th, 2024 at noon. Daniel 12:6-8, “This is God’s Judgment on America” for taking fornication/abortion to the world! I am but a mere messenger believing there will be an exodus from this great city the likes that would make the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt pale in comparison and will start the greatest crusade for Christ the world has ever seen. True believers will leave the city! Others most likely not!

WWI I I starts the shattering of America’s power (Daniel 12:6-8) and will be completely shattered by the time of the rapture 3.5 years later. Thus, the reason for the rapture of the saints, God will take His church home, hallelujah. At that point, America is out of business so to speak. From this 9:27 treaty date of January 6, 2021, there is 3.5 years or time left to prepare for the timing of this horrible event the exodus of (NYC). There is much more to this in the following chapters of the book that will walk you through the bible with proof.

I take no measure for what God has placed before us, I am as dumbfounded as you will be once you have time to digest what is written here and I wish I were there right now to pray with you, assuredly you all are in my prayers daily!

If you’re not saved by all means don’t walk, run to the nearest alter, repent of your sins (you can repent in your home, car or wherever you are as long as you have heartfelt repentance, receive Jesus, and tum from your old ways!) and then get baptized (most any Pentecostal church has facilities for baptism) in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins. You will be ready to fly away to an eternity you cannot possibly imagine. God bless, and see you on the other side!

“Now knowing” the date of Jesus’s return it would only be fitting that we should all be present outside waiting and praying for His return on that day and every day. It could even be a celebration of His coming and your last earthly meal with all of your friends. We need a welcome fit for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Let’s make that happen. There will be much more on this as time gets closer to the day of arrival! Jesus said I come as a thief in the night meaning His coming will be at the last trump, the end of the 7 years at midnight! That date again is Wednesday, January 4th, 2028. He will be a thief only to those that do not know Him.

You will find the proof of the date of His return in the chapters of this book, The Matrix and God’s Time Clock and the Incredible 7’s.

A short note on that day, I would love to see a mega searchlight at every Christian church shining toward heaven in our nation or any nation to let Jesus know how much we love Him for what He has done for us. “Light up America, for Jesus,” might be the slogan.

On that final day of the rapture, we Christians win big time!

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