The Last Seven Years

Chapter 7:
 The Last 7 Years

The Abraham Accords Treaty

Date 9/15/21

The date of Christs return comes to light when you open Daniel chapter 12 along with the date of the start of WW111. The Abraham Accords treaty mentioned in Daniel 9:27 and dated September 15, 2020 is the treaty that started the final 7 years. The treaty is for 7 years due to the fact it is the final 7. The bible is never wrong and deducting the 7 year treaty from May 14, 2028, New Testament date, the treaty would have had to happen in 2020 or no later than May 14, 2021. We are now in the final 6.

Here’s what I found, the Abraham accord was signed on September 15, 2020 and if you add 7 years of time as in Daniel 9:27 you get September 15, 2027 which is 8 months short of the date in the bible, New Testament. Perfect I said, as Jesus in Matthew 24:22 said if the time was not shortened no flesh would be saved. Perfect words! The bible is perfect! The time is shortened by approximately 8 months.

We also have the ending date of 2027, Gods completion number is 7 as you have seen in my book as proof of all I have written. 7 is completion. I expected it to end in seven which it did.
Seven years is not spelled out in the Abraham Accords treaty , however, this is the last 7 years to Christs return so the agreement will not be for more than 7 years and need not be spelled out, Daniel 9:27. This also needs not to be the confirmation of the covenant of Genesis 15:18 as most others studying prophecy thought, including myself.

Daniel 9:27 states he the Anti-Christ will witness the covenant or treaty “and that he has accomplished,” you will find the path to whom the Anti-Christ is, spelled out in my book. In case you missed it his name is Josep Borrell, The High Representative of the European Union. He will be the one that is the recipient of the EU law Recommendation 666 giving him complete power in the event of an emergency.

Today September 15, 2021 is Yom Kippur day the holiest day in Judaism. A great day for the Lord to return on September 15, 2027.

There are a number of interpretations as to why Yom Kippur is deemed to be one of the happiest days of the year. My preferred explanation is that Yom Kippur is such a happy day because it is the day God forgives all their sins! Imagine the judge (or king, back in the day) pardoning you and letting you walk, notwithstanding all the crimes you’ve committed! You’d certainly be happy! And what a perfect day for the rapture of the church. The Daniel 9:27 agreement does not have to be between the Palestinians and Israel, the Abraham Accords is between the Arabs and Israel which includes all sects. Not just Palestinians.

When I started my quest to find America in the Bible, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I not only found America in five places, but at the same time, uncovered the most valued prize of all, the path to the date of the rapture. The date of the rapture will be exactly seven years to the day from the treaty date. You will also find in this book the matrix of God’s perfect and completion numbers, the number 7, that verifies all that is written here to be of God’s authorship.

I originally thought Israel would gain this treaty by war. But it has happened through the art of negotiating, “The Art of the Deal,” by President Donald Trump. In 2020 this agreement was finally completed. What an awesome God we serve. He knew the days involved 2500 years ago and knows that these last seven years will be very troublesome. He wanted us to know these dates to enable us to carry on and complete any task He has given us.

So many people have been taught that they would be raptured prior to the tribulation and that they would not have to deal with the adverse reality of the devil rearing his ugly head. Well, so much for their studies. Most pastors have had a distorted view of the last seven years, and it won’t be easy to change their mindset, but try we must. Daniel 8:19 we are in the indignation now.

All pastors I have come into contact with, have one statement in their minds regarding understanding of the times. It’s the statement Jesus made in Matthew 24:36: “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” They have failed to see that when Jesus said this, He was in His humanity and knew only what the Father gave Him. God the Father authored the Old Testament prior to the birth of Christ. I was quite surprised to find that no one had checked the Old Testament. In Daniel 12:4, 9, God told Daniel to seal the words to the time of the end and that is precisely what he did. The timing of the end-time events has always been there. The sealed missing words was the time, the days were missing in both verse 4 and 9 For further explanation on the time, go to Chapter 9, “The Time Table and The Incredible Sevens.” All we had to do was turn the days to dates but there was much more to it as you will see in the following chapters.

Consider this;

You can have a ringside seat to the greatest events in human history , the return of Jesus.. To get on board, you must be a born-again baptized Christian. If you are not a Christian chances are you will not believe a word of this, so now is the time to start believing and also the time to get prepared. My advice, if you’re not a Christian, is to start going to church and to get involved in church activities. Start studying the Bible and when called give your life to Christ; get baptized to get on board to fly away.


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  1. i was educated with statements i did not know, people already including sunday morning christians are greedy selfish mean liars beggars

    • I’ve never met a true born again and baptized Christian that fits your description. I do know that even Christians like you make mistakes but as Christians they are forgiven by God as all they must do is ask for forgiveness. Every knee will bow to Jesus soon and yes, yours to.

  2. The Sutherland Springs church shooter was Islam radicalized Devin Kelley. The FBI set it all up and is covering it up because our Federal gov’t wants this Islamic invasion. It will become very bloody very soon. “Keep & Bear” means own and carry. Get ready for The Rapture! John 3:16-18

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