This great bible study by Michael Hoggard on the number seven will show you the value that God places on the number seven. And on the time line in “The Judgment of Babylon” and in the chapter The Incredible Sevens you will see how the time chart adds up to God’s word.

By, Michael Hoggard,


These 7 spirits are found in Isaiah 11:2, where we read: “And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD.” You will find that the phrase “Holy Spirit” is mentioned 7 times in the Authorized Version.

The Holy Spirit is represented elsewhere in the Scriptures as being the “breath” of God. God tells us in Ezekiel 37:6 that He will “put the breath in you, and ye shall live”. In Genesis 2:7 God did this with Adam. This is the first place we find the word “breath”, and notice that it is in verse 7. The word “breath” is found 42 times. God took the number for man (6) and multiplied it by the number for God (7). (6 x 7= 42).
The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God Himself. There is a variation of this in the Scriptures called “the Spirit of Christ”. The Spirit of Christ and the spirit of God are the same. There is no difference between them. That is why these two phrases together are found exactly 28 (7 x 4) times in the Scriptures.

In the two listings of the lineage of Jesus Christ, the manifestation 7 is displayed. The account given for us in Matthew, chapter one, lists 42 (6 x 7) generations from Abraham. The account given for us in Luke, chapter three, lists 77 generations from God Who created Adam, the first “son of God”, to Jesus, the “true Son of God”. Jesus’ title of “Son of God”, in its various forms is found 49 (7 x 7) times in the New Testament. It is found only one time in the Old Testament, recorded in Daniel 3:25. Check your modern translations for this verse (:25), because the NIV records it merely as, “a son of the gods”. There can be no mistaking that this points to Antichrist, not to the real Christ! The Scriptures do attribute a “god” status to fallen angels. The word “gods” is found a total of 244 times in the Scriptures. This is a product which has the number for the world (4) as its factor (4 x 61). These false “gods” are truly earthly, not heavenly!

Our Savior is also given the title, “Son of Man”. This phrase is found 196 times in the AV. This number breaks down to 49 (7 x 7) x 4! The last place that this phrase is used is in Revelation 14:14! Incidentally, 14 x 14 = 196!

In John 12:34, the doubters ask Jesus a very simple question: “…who is this Son of man?” It is Jesus Christ. How do I know for sure? It is all in the numbers. The phrase, “Jesus Christ”, is found exactly 196 times in the KJV, the exact amount of times that the “Son of Man” is found! Even the place where Jesus was born contains this pattern. In the Scriptures, Bethlehem is mentioned 39 times. The only other form of this name in the Scriptures is Bethlehemjudah, mentioned 10 times. This gives us a total of 49 (7 x 7) times when this special is mentioned. The Scriptures tell us that Zion is the City of David. We find all the mentions of Zion exactly 154 (7 x 22) times in the Old Testament. This includes two occasions where it is spelled Sion. In the New Testament, Sion is mentioned exactly 7 times! When we add the word “Lord” to the name of Jesus Christ, we find that the exact phrase, “Lord Jesus Christ”, is found exactly 84 times, which is 7 x 12!

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