This great bible study by Michael Hoggard on the number seven will show you the value that God places on the number seven. And on the time line in “The Judgment of Babylon” and in the chapter The Incredible Sevens you will see how the time chart adds up to God’s word.

By, Michael Hoggard,


Realistically, we do not necessarily need all these number patterns in order to believe the Word of God. However, we do need faith. The Bible teaches us that faith and the “word of God” are inseparable. It is through the “word of God” that we receive the faith that we need to believe the things of God. It is interesting, and yet understandable, to note that the word faith is found 245 (49 x 5) times in the New Testament! It is only found twice in the Old Testament. We are told that faith comes by hearing. I looked up the 17th occurrence of the word hearing in the New Testament, and here is what I discovered: “So then faith (245 – 49 x 5) cometh by hearing (17th occurrence), and hearing by the word of God (49 – 7 x 7)” (Romans 10:17).

In keeping with the theme of Jesus and the number 5, which is the number for grace, we find that “Jesus” and “grace” are mentioned together in the same verse exactly 49 times.

The idea that the Bible and Jesus Christ are one in the same is a principle that is to be accepted by all who claim to believe in the Lord. Jesus claimed that He was going to fulfill all that the Scriptures had written about Him. You will find many instances in the Gospels where Christ fulfilled a portion of the Scriptures, just as “it is written”. This is the phrase that Jesus used to defeat Satan during his 40-day fast. The phrase, “it is written”, is found exactly 63 (7 x 9) in the New Testament.

The phrase, “thy word”, is found 58 times in the Scriptures. This is not a multiple of 7. However, we find that this phrase is found only 7 times in the New Testament! All occurrences apply directly to the Word of God, or Christ Himself (see Luke 1:38, 2:29, 5:5; John 17:6, 14, 17; and Acts 4:29). Notice what our Lord said in John 17:17. He declares that God will “Sanctify” His disciples through the word of truth. As His Word is perfect and complete, so must his sanctification. The word “sanctify” is found exactly 70 times in the King James Bible!

Jesus’ disciples asked Him a question about forgiveness of sins: “Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven” (Matthew 18:21-22). So, now we understand that forgiveness of sins is also associated with the number 7.

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